Happy Holidays from Thug Dog Life!

We love our pets and can’t wait to spoil them this holiday season!  Are you looking for the perfect gift for your pet? Thug Dog Life has everything you need for your pet this year.   Here is our holiday gift guide with some of my favorite picks.

Holiday Toys

We have so many fun holiday toys that your pet will surely love.  

For Dogs

  1. Zippy Paws Holiday Donutz - Yummy, no stuffing, plushie with squeakers
  2. Zippy Paws Reindeer - Tough, no stuffing, durable, squeaks when shaken
  3. Zippy Paws Holiday Squeaker Snowman - No stuffing toy with extra loud squeaker, also comes in Santa and Penguin buddies
  4. Zippy Paws Hanukkah Dreidel - Fun, interactive toy with 3 squeaky bears
  5. Zippy Paws Hanukkah Bear - Tough, no stuffing, shake from side to side to squeak

For Cats

  1. Pet Pals Circle Shaped Cat Toy - Rolling toy to occupy your cat for hours!
  2. Classy Kitty Carpeted Cat Post with Spring Toy - Durable wood construction, stain-resistant carpet, treated with catnip, spring teaser toy encourages play
  3. Spot Yarn Puffballs - Durable, wear resistant materials, safe and made with 100% non-toxic wool yarn, 4 yarn pom balls with catnip flakes inserted into the poms

For Birds

  1. JW Insight Disco Ball - Retro disco ball bird toy covered in tiny reflective squares to give it a mirror effect that small birds love
  2. JW Insight Tilt Wheel - Bird toy designed with dual rotating double sided mirrors, physically and intellectually stimulating interactive toy
  3. Penn Plax Bird Life Natural Exerciser - Bright colors get birds excited, keeps birds active and relieves stress, cage clip included, made with natural materials and safe for all birds

For Small Animals

  1. Kaytee Natural Woven Carrot Toy - Made from natural sisal material, ideal for hamsters, dwarf rabbits and other small animals
  2. Kaytee Chew-Moji Wooden Chews - Made with real wood and pet safe vegetable dye colors, helps to clean and trim teeth, chewable wood toys for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and more
  3. Kaytee Natural Chew ‘N Cube Toy - Natural wood chew cub, trims teeth, pet safe colors, for hamsters, rabbits or other small animals

Holiday Treats 

We love to give special treats for our pets during the holidays.

For Dogs

  1. Smokehouse Lamb Bonz Dog Treat - Roasted lamb femur bone, perfect for smaller dogs and a great alternative to dogs with sensitivities to beef and pork bones
  2. Smokehouse Meaty Mammoth Bone - All natural, beef femur bone, slow roasted, great for keeping teeth clean and healthy
  3. Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Dog Treats - Pressed bully bone, long lasting dog chews, massages gumes and controls tatar

For Cats

  1. Grizzly Super Treats with Omega 3 - Made with wild salmon to support healthy skin and coat, crunchy texture helps clean teeth, also contains NO grains, fillers, glycols, salts or sugars
  2. PureBites Turkey Freeze Dried Cat Treats - Freeze dried turkey breast is the only ingredient, 100% natural cat treats, and there are additional PureBites treats with only one ingredient: Beef Liver, Wild Salmon, Ocean Whitefish, Duck Liver, Chicken Breast, Wild Tuna,  

For Small Animals

  1. Ecotrition Snak Shak Treat - For hamsters and gerbils, 100% edible and is wrapped around a seed blend and fresh alfalfa for the ultimate 2 in 1 treat and chew
  2. Vitakraft Burst Treats - For rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters, crunchy field-grown timothy hay and real fruit berry center
  3. Kaytee Carrot Nibblers - For rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats and chinchillas, made with fresh alfalfa and real carrots for a nutritious treat

For Birds

  1. Kaytee Fiesta Bird Treats - Made with papaya, peanut and  mango
  2. Kaytee Gourmet Treat Bar - Made with special honey seed blend with sunflower and millet, less mess than loose seed, and highly  desirable blend for songbirds
  3. Sunseed Vita Prima Treat Bar - Handcrafted treat bar made with millet, seeds, papaya, honey, and almonds, great for cockatiels, parakeets and lovebirds

For Turtles

  1. Zoo Med Turtle Bone - Natural floating source of calcium for all aquatic turtles, box turtles, and tortoises and helps curb unwanted chewing behavior with a rough edible surface to prevent overgrown mandibles/beaks
  2. Wardley Turtle Treat - Nutritious, low fat, enhanced with vitamins A and D for healthy eyes and shell

Holiday Clothes

The following holiday hooded sweaters are perfect to keep your pet warm and festive this season.  Each sweater design comes in multiple sizes and also features belly Velcro enclosures and a leash slit holder at the back side.

  1. Pet Life LED Lighting Patterned Holiday Hooded Sweater
  2. Pet Life LED Lighting Christmas Reindeer Hooded Sweater
  3. Pet Life LED Lighting Santa Hooded Sweater

We hope you take plenty of photos of your pet during the holidays.  Please feel free to tag us @ThugDogLifeInc or use #ThugDogLife so we can see your pet photos!  

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