Pets and COVID-19

Pets and COVID-19: Based on the coronavirus and COVID-19 realities, with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the novel coronavirus a pandemic and POTUS calling for a national emergency, a natural question for pet parents may be what about my pet? What are the COVID-19 risks for my bird, cat, dog, fish, small pet, or reptile? It is getting harder to cut through the news soundbites to get to the facts.

For the latest guidance, resources, and news our suggestion is to consult the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) website, here (link opens in a separate window not related to Thug Dog Life, Inc.).

We will offer a seasonal Thug Dog Life, Inc. blog update once conditions permit. In the meantime, we are still open and look forward to meeting your pet supply needs by delivering to your doorstep.

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