SOAK it all in...The Dog Days of Summer are almost over!

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather with your dog.  We have some great tips and supplies for you and your pet to have fun this summer.


Protect your Pet from Heat-related Illnesses

When it is hot outside, your pet will need shade, a cool area to rest and plenty of water to stay hydrated.  The Penn Plax Glacial Gear Cooling Mat is a great option with cool gel technology to keep pets cool and comfortable when resting.  This cooling mat works instantly when your pet lays on the mat for up to 6 hours. The cooling mat also works well for senior dogs as an alternative to hard floors.


If your dog gets overheated easily, some options are reusable cooling neck wraps such as the Pet Life Summer-Cooling Insertable and Adjustable Cooling Ice Pack Dog Neck Wrap and Pet Life Neo-Breeze Flexible Terry Neoprene Ice Pack Insertable and Adjustable Cooling Dog Neck Wrap.  Heat is known to escape from the neck area, so by cooling the neck extremity, your dog’s body begins to automatically cool down. 


A fun toy for your dog this summer is the Pet Life Ice Cream Cone Cooling ‘Lick and Gnaw’ Water Fillable and Freezable Rubberized Dog Chew and Teether Toy.  You can fill the chewable top compartment with water and freeze it to keep your dog cool during a hot day.  The toy helps prevent heat-related illnesses and keeps your dog’s mouth cool and refreshed, while also massaging their gums.  As a bonus, the waffle cone area doubles as a treat storage! If your dog likes to chew, the Pet Life Ices Cooling ‘Lick and Gnaw’ Water Fillable and Freezable Rubberized Dog Chew and Teether Toy is also another fun toy that will keep your dog cool.


Traveling with your Pet


A great travel bed is the Helios Trail-Barker Multi-Surface Travel Dog Bed which features blackshark technology that is impermeable, waterproof, windproof and breathable.  You can use it indoors or outdoors! If you are planning to go camping with your pet, the Helios Aero-Inflatable Outdoor Travel Folding Dog Bed is unique in which it inflates with air and deflates in seconds; and it features reflected tubed stitching for added night safety.  It also completely rolls up and buckles shut and can be attached to most outdoor travel backpacks. This is perfect for camping or traveling in any outdoor or indoor setting.  Another great option is the Chuckit Travel Bed because it is machine washable and comes with a stuff sack.  It is perfect for on-the-go pets and can be used anytime and anywhere your pet needs to rest.


If you happen to have a small pet and need to fly, the Touchdog Ultimate Travel Airline Approved Backpack Pet Carrier is a great option.  It is also water resistant and has a unique designed where you can use it as a backpack or like a duffle bag.  It is airline approved with 360 degrees of mesh surrounded for optimal visibility and breathability for your pet.  Some safety features also include dual buckles that can attach to a car seat and there is a built-in lease securer on the inside of the bag.


At Thug Dog Life, we hope you are still enjoying the last bit of this summer with your pets!


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