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Returns & Refunds Policy
Returns & Refunds Policy
The Non-Negotiables of Pet Care

The Non-Negotiables of Pet Care

Our pet supplies are organized around activity bins. We believe these are the basic activities our pet asks of us, their human parents.

Yet too frequently we watch those videos on social media posts where these very needs go unmet or sadly there is a worse outcome. A few of those videos also show a pet’s triumph over that neglect. We argue, why inflict that awfulness on a helpless pet in the first place?

Let us together take a stand and define these activities as the non-negotiables of pet care! We do not recommend you get a pet of any kind if you think these basic needs cannot be met. So, if you are unsure about the life-long commitment, it is okay not to get a pet. It just means, maybe you are not ready right now to meet a pet’s crucial needs.

We know, life is hard. Now just imagine how much harder it is for a pet if you break your commitment. Join us and take a pledge to stand against pet neglect! 

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