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Returns & Refunds Policy


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Feline UTI+
15 ml bottle

Promotes a healthy upper and lower urinary tract in cats. May aid in the relief of stress-related urination, often indicated by frequent urination often with a strong smell.

  • Burning
  • Spraying
  • Straining
  • Strong urine odor
  • Inappropriate urinating
  • Darker/lighter than normal urine

  • Benefits:
  • No harsh chemicals
  • For upper/lower tract infections
  • No known side effects
  • Safe for kittens, pregnant and nursing cats
  • Response seen in 24-72 hours
  • Great value up to 90 doses per bottle (depending on weight)
  • Easy liquid dosing medicine

  • Safe, Gentle, All Natural medicines for your best friend.

    Provides relief from urinary tract infections by:
  • Easing burning
  • Improves healing
  • Tracking the anxiety often at the root of the problem
  • Supporting kidney function

  • Dosage:
    Kittens/puppies - 5 drops per dose
    Adult Cats - 10 drops per dose
    Multiple cats - 5-10 drops per cat in community water, once daily for 14 days
    Felines and pets under 1 lb - 1-2 drops in min 8oz water, 3 times daily
    Dogs under 60 lbs - 10 drops per dose
    Dogs over 60 lbs - 15 drops per dose

    To start, dose every 30 minutes to an hour for 4-8 doses.

    Once improvement begins, change the dose to 3 times daily until symptoms clear.

    When the condition has cleared, stop dosing. You can always restart dosing if symptoms recur.

    Optimally, the liquid preparation should be dropped directly on to the mucous membrane of the mouth, including the lips, by raising the head until the mouth opens. Where an animal finds this distressful or an owner is unable to comply, the medication can be put in the food, water, or milk. Where a cat or pet is sensitive to the odor of the alcohol preservative, a 10-20 minute period should be allowed for it to dilute and evaporate before the liquid or food is presented to the patient. Occasionally, animals will shake their heads as a response to the alcohol preservative, or cat may salivate excessively--in these cases presenting it in food, water, or milk works.