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FREEZE TAG Pet Tag Silencer

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Pet Tag Silencer
PinkThe FreezeTag is the new way to wear tags. It's easy to attach and eliminates annoying tag noise.Tags are critical for your dogs safety and security, but their constant jingling can be disruptive, whether waking a baby or simply driving you and your dog to distraction. With a sleek design featuring our patented quieting strap, the FreezeTag pet tag holder completely eliminates annoying tag noise without sacrificing the safeguards or style your dog deserves.With the FreezeTag pet tag holder, tags can be added or updated quickly, without the nail-breaking frustration of a traditional split-ring. It assembles in a snap and attaches to your dog's collar with ease, making it simple to transfer tags from collar to collar so your furry friend will be safe, silent and secure in any situation.FeaturesWorks with tags of all shapes (hearts, bones, circles, etc.)Works with up to 4 standard thickness dog tagsWaterproof. Stinkproof. WeatherproofDog tested and approved for the roughest of playOne size fits all dogsMade from the same stuff that's supporting your car engine. If you can pull it apart, send us a picture! We want to see itNon-toxicPackaging is approximately 5.75" roundKING PAYS SHIPPING